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The Storm

The Storm research paper due and don’t know how to start it? How about like this?

Often in literature research papers, setting functions as strongly as characters or narrative structure. It can take on the characteristics of a force to be reckoned with. Kate Chopin’s The Storm is no exception. As the storm approaches, like a giant figure of great threatening force, it gives occasion for the father and young son to sit in the doorway of an old wooden storefront and watch the storm approach and overtake the town. The StormThere is a trusting relationship between father and son, and between husband and wife, even though Calixta, his wife, is at home, ostensibly alone. Thus a storm is the background against which a little drama entitled The Storm is about to unfold, made all the more intense because of the intensity of the storm itself.

The storm came and went in the lives of the four principal characters: Calixta, Bobinôt, Alcée and a character who is only tangentially part of the story, Clarisse, Alcée’s absent wife. Calixta’s storm of passion seemed to open her passion to include the love of her family; Alcee’s storm of emotion passed and he wrote that his wife need not join him right away. Perhaps he hoped to reconnect with Calixta, or wanted the time alone to let his reconcile the wildly happy sexual experience he had with Calixta. Clarisse, who was not very interested in sexual relations with her husband, was glad to stay away with the children. As for Bobinôt, he is unaware of the changes the storm has brought and reclines in the comfort and love of his home and family. Thus, the storm passed through the lives of the adults and the child, with barely a ripple of lingering evidence, except for the memories privately held by Alcée and Calixta.

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