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The Stone Age

The Stone Age research paper due and don’t know how to start it? How about like this?

Most art from the Stone Age is a collection of crude Earth Mother figurines and cave paintings of animals.  The figure in La Parisienne displays a subtlety and a beauty that is a clear step above the civilization of the Stone Age.  The goddess figurine is also a technical leap forward in terms of its refined features and craftsmanship.

Marks of Civilization

The Stone Age

A second mark of civilization that demonstrates emergence from the Stone Age is the development of writing.  Clay tablets dating from 1850 BC can be found throughout the Greek world that are similar to Egyptian hieroglyphics.  However, between the 18th century and 16th centuries BCE, the Minoans evolved their picture writing into Linear A, and later Linear B, and even more refined writing system of Mycenaean Greek.  Most of these writings are administrative inventories, demonstrating a complex governmental structure that was necessary to run these first European towns.

Bronze Age Greece

People have a tendency to believe that progress is an unending process.  However, even though Bronze Age Crete is a clear progression out of the Stone Age, this civilization fell under the weight of the Mycenaeans and the Sea Peoples, destroying the fabulous temples and artwork.  Bronze Age Greece was a progression, albeit a short-lived one.  Progress is a cycle, not a lineal projection, but one in which civilization reaches new heights of perfection.

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