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Steward-Servant Dynamic in Leadership Research Papers

The Steward-Servant dynamic in leadership is a topic that business students often need research papers on for international or domestic business relations study. Our writers will custom write a research paper on leadership of any type.

The study of leadership has gained significant momentum over the last two decades, a phenomenon due largely to the anticipated challenges of a new millennium that would require “a transformation in organizations and in the thinking and behavior of their leaders”. Unfortunately, many of the challenges exhibited at the end of the twentieth century such as the crisis in confidence and trust in government and business and a down economic cycle have continued into the new millennium. These challenges, along with emerging challenges facing leaders every day, present important implications for applying leadership principles that will most effectively assist the organization in attaining greatness in the 21st century, where greatness is manifested not only in its success but also in the success of its leaders and their followers.

Principles in the Theory of Servant Leadership

Steward-Servant Dynamic in LeadershipThe principles found in the theory of servant leadership can provide that assistance. Since its introduction as a theory of leadership, servant leadership has been criticized by many leadership scholars as a contradiction in terms in the following way:

  1. How can a leader possibly be at once a leader and then also a servant?
  2. Isn’t the leader’s primary responsibility that of leading servants?

Although questions like these suggest that the concept of servant leadership might be difficult to conceive by many, this style of leadership is gaining significant focus in these turbulent times. In fact, servant leadership is increasingly perceived by business people and business students alike as a compelling characterization of leadership, especially as one that has major implications for addressing the leadership demands of the new millennium.

Cases Where Servant Leadership is Practiced

The following research will examine the principles of servant leadership as they have been developed over the last three decades as well as issues and trends facing today’s leaders that lend themselves to its application. The research will also examine several cases where the principles of servant leadership are being practiced in organizations with unequivocal success.

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