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Statement of Business Principles

To learn about a Statement of Business Principles, have Paper Masters custom write your research paper on exactly what goes into a "Statement of Business Principles" statement. Our business and MBA writers understand what to write and can even custom write you a model statement of business principles example.


How do you start a Statement of Business Principles term paper? Our expert writers suggest like this:

Write a “Statement of Business Principles.” This statement should be an expression of the moral convictions that will guide someone as a business person. The statement should outline the duties and responsibilities a business person has to him/herself, to his/her business, to his/her society, and to the global community. These four sets of duties and responsibilities will likely have some overlap, but for the most part they should be distinct and reference readings.

Elements of a Statement of Business Principles Document

Typically, what are included in a statement of business principles?

  • Statement of Business PrinciplesExplain how one decides on the principles that inform this statement.
  • Which principles are difficult decide upon? Why? And which of these principles (if any) might have changed as a result of the readings? These answers should be written with reference to some of the topics and readings included.
  • Given the topic what is the relationship between business and government?
  • What demands are permissible for government to make on individuals and business? Why?
  • What demands are impermissible? Why?

Answers should reference topics discussed in the readings.

What is a "Statement of Business Principles"

A Statement of Business Principle is a prime tool by which a business gives itself an identity to the public. Some Statement of Business Principles are meant for the public, while others are meant for employees or in some cases for particular employees. In either case, the Statement of Business Principle gives employees a standard and a focus which brings a unity and cooperation to the company's workforce. With respect to a Statement of Business Principle meant for the public, a company's employees are aware of the identity, commitment, values, etc. the company is presenting to the public they are expected to adhere to as representing the company in relationships with the public. With respect to a Statement of Business Principle meant to motivate a company's employees in general, since it is applicable to all employees, it gives a sense of familiarity among them and specifies types of behavior, goals, standards, and other qualities prevailing in the company's culture. Thus, a Statement of Business Principle for employees in general relates them to the company as individuals and gives each one an understanding of the environment she or he is working in. This can be especially important for new employees. This is especially important in this era of globalization. A Statement of Business Principle can cut across different nationalities and backgrounds of multicultural workforces and give them a groundwork, focus, principles, etc. making them all equal and knowledgeable within the framework of the company.

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