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Research Papers on Staples Company

Research papers on Staples as a company examine their corporate structure and business practices. What you see below is an example of how Staples can be explored through researching the company.


  1. Creating an information system that could track product liability and sales so that reordering could happen quickly and effectively.Staples Company
  2. How to calculate gross profits of each item instead of growth of products
  3. How to get suppliers to ship directly to stores
  4. Getting customers into the stores
  5. Raise capital
  6. Price negotiation
  7. Secure real estate – cost and location
  8. Efficient information system
  9. Able to track customer purchases
  10. No congestion at the checkout stands
  11. Display cost savings on receipt
  12. Collect demographics
  13. Educate consumer

What challenges (Managerial and Organizational) faced the startup?
How were they dealt with?

  1. Assignment of six digit codes to each individual product for accurate tracking.
  2. Sales pitch to suppliers so that the office supplies industry was being revolutionized and that this was a great opportunity for them. Also, Steinberg promised he would not forget the suppliers that were willing to help him by delivering directly to the stores in the beginning and that it would be more expensive to come on board in the future.
  3. Offer local office managers monetary incentives to come to Staples and shop and share their opinions with other potential customers.

Staples as an Industry Leader

Staples were quickly imitated, but ultimately they emerged to become an industry leader. Why?
The opening of regional distribution centers were implemented in order to keep the stores smaller. Also establishing super stores that were smaller which allowed for paying lower rent and operating costs. Also, Staples decided to use Office Depot’s strategy of opening stores in small town markets as well as offering delivery of products to the customers instead of having to come to the store.

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