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Standards in Literacy

How do you start a Standards in Literacy research paper? Our expert writers suggest like this:

Throughout the United States, standards for literacy can vary dramatically. Each state often has its own standards that educators and school districts are to abide by. However, despite these differences, some common standards of literacy can often be identified across the board. Depending on the age of a student, both in primary or secondary grades, there are a number of basic skills that they should possess in order to demonstrate their literacy skills. Some of these are rooted in their ability to look at an entire piece of text while others are based in a student’s ability to analyze unique words and phrases.

There seven types of Literacy: media literacy, network literacy, computer literacy, traditional alphabetic literacy, library instruction, cultural literacy, and visual literacy.


Basic Standards of Literacy

Basic standard of literacy have been determined to include the following:Standards in Literacy

  • Students should possess the capabilities to read a designated piece of text that is appropriate for their age and developmental level;
  • Be able to draw inferences about what the text is saying or what it means as a result of their reading.
  • Identify a central theme from the piece of literature they have read and to summarize key ideas and details.
  • Discern the most important elements of the story from those that are of lesser importance; this is vital to determining their literacy skills.
  • Interpret words and phrases that appear in the text; if they do not understand a word, they should be able to use context clues to make a determination as to what the word means, and if a word or phrase is deemed essential to the progression of the text or its theme, students should be able to identify the meaning and significance of this word or phrase.

The standards vary dramatically from one area to another, but these aforementioned elements are some more generic examples of core literacy standards that can be found in some fashion in nearly all existing standards.

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