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Research Papers on Spatial Skills

Education research papers often look at a child's spacial skills as an indicator of where he/she is lacking in some cognitive ability. When applying a research paper on spacial skills to the classroom, one can investigate areas of study that are affected by a child's spacial skills. Have Paper Masters help you with outlining your research on this theory today.

Spatial skills, also known as visual-spatial ability, are the capability of mentally manipulating both two-dimensional and three-dimensional objects. This skill can be measured with cognitive testing. Spatial ability is now frequently defined as a unique type of intelligence.

Spatial skills have a number of real-world applications, including:

  • The ability to read a map
  • Merge into traffic
  • Envision building an object
  • Spatially estimate how much an object will hold

Many careers, including architecture, but also mathematics, astronomy, and meteorology depend upon spatial skills. Spatial skills are in high demand with new technologies, including computer graphics and imaging.

Spatial Skills

Spatial Skills

Spatial skills can be strengthened through education and training, however, cognitive testing clearly shows that spatial skills decline over the course of a lifetime, including in individuals who have spent careers using such skill sets, including architects. Some studies also suggest that there is a sex difference in spatial ability, with men generally scoring higher on spatial skills tests than women.

Early demonstration of spatial skills is also believed to be an indicator of creativity and mathematical ability later in life. Spatial skills are often called an orphan ability because they largely go undetected, yet individuals with high levels of spatial skills have a tendency to do quite well in technical fields as adults.

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