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Souls of Black Folks

W.E.B. Du Bois is the author of Souls of Black Folks and it is in this larger work that he repeatedly reveals a sense of justice, the lack of which would have been forgivable given his experiences.  Souls of Black FolksAn essay on Souls of Black Folks would include how Du Bois urges blacks to judge the South discriminatingly rather than holding the current generation responsible for the sins of slavery.  However, he also holds whites accountable for the continuing discrimination that the black man experiences. 

And the deep compassion that Du Bois feels for his fellows is revealed again and again.  He helps the reader understand the psychological mechanisms through which blacks come to support even the most despicable criminal in their ranks when whites hunt and persecute him.  And he argues for reasonable expectations of the blacks of his era. The literature term paper or essay should discuss the quote by Du Bois: “[N]o people a generation removed from slavery can escape a certain unpleasant rawness and gaucherie, despite the best of training,”.

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