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Sociology of Film

I will need a total of 8 distinct 1 page short essay papers on 4 different films named further below.

Each paper will answer a “study question” on one of these films.

The written answers to these “study questions” should be 2 to 3 paragraphs, please.


Sociology of Film

It cannot be emphasized enough that this is a SOCIOLOGY course, the goal is neither to put forward a purely cinematic analysis (ie, camera angles, composition, or visual style) nor to supply a summary of the narrative (ie, what happened when), but rather to see both cinematic and narrative elements in the context of a broad sociological framework.

Format for Sociology of Film Research Paper:

Film 1“Bladerunner”
Essay a – Why is it considered so important to “retire” the replicants? In your view, do they have any rights which must be respected?
Essay b – The society presented in Bladerunner may be described as an extrapolation from trends in our present society. Explain.

Film 2 - Ugetsu
Essay a – Which character do you think is most important in the film, and why?
Essay b – Why is Genjuro’s affair with Lady Watanabe characterized as a “forbidden love”? Compare it to his relationship with his wife.

Film 3 - Born on the 4th of July
Essay a – How does Ron Kovic originally approach the war? What in his background led him to go to Vietnam?
Essay b – What causes the hero, who was “born on the 4th of July,” to re-think his attitude toward Vietnam and America?

Film 4 - Rebel Without a Cause

Essay a – Is Jim Stark a rebel? If so, what is he rebelling against?
Essay b – Why do adolescents play the exciting but extremely dangerous game of “chicken”? In what sense does it resemble the behavior of nation-states?

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