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Socioeconomic Characteristics of Michigan

How do you start a Socioeconomic Characteristics of Michigan research paper? Our expert writers suggest like this:

The purpose of this assignment is to learn socioeconomic characteristics of Michigan this project require information from the U.S. senses bureau web page. You should conduct it.

Your mission: Socioeconomic Characteristics of Michigan

1. Create one table that summarizes per capita income property rates and unemployment rates. Define each term include in your table data for the Michigan county of Iosco and the U.S. Use the census 2000 data. Use the data off this web page: Example provide definitions of the terms per capita income, property line and unemployment rate name a good title of your paper per capital income (in 1000, dollars property rates write percentages of families below poverty line here.

2. Write a one-paragraph summary of your findings what do economic indicators suggest? Is Michigan’s economy weaker (or stronger/average?) than the rest of the U.S.? How about the county you choose.

3. Analyze data from the above #1 and #2 and write socioeconomics characteristics of your county and Michigan. Please refer to the rest of the data (types of industry, occupation, educational background, etc…) from the us census. What would be major causes for economic weakness or strengths? Write your interpretation and analysis the length would be one or two paragraphs.

4. Define and apply the theories of Marx and Weber. Write how Marx and Weber theorized social class identifies how their theoretical views differed. Discuss how these theorists would explain the socio-economic characteristics of Losco County Michigan. The length would be one or two paragraphs

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