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Social Psychological Principles for Gang Reduction

Topic: Social Psychological principlpes for Gang Reduction

Social Psychological Principles for Gang Reduction Research Paper:
The paper will have an

  1. abstract (1 page)
  2. body of the paper(4 pages)
  3. conclusions (1 page).
Social Psychological Principles for Gang Reduction

Body of paper for Social Psychological Principles for Gang Reduction Research Paper:
Big picture: In this course, our big picture is one or more of the thoeries that relate to social identity or intergroup conflict that we have read (Social Identity theory, Social Category Theory, Optimal Distinctiveness theory) We will approach the specific questions or issues that the paper will address from the point of view or one or more of these theories. This does not mean that you must advocate for the theory- you should write what you believe to be true- but this does mean that you should frame your choice and discussion of issues around those that these theories address.

Specific problem/issue for Social Psychological Principles for Gang Reduction Research Paper:

  1. For example, what do the theories we have been studying tell us about motives for joining street gangs?
  2. About the social psychological and other consequences of belonging to a street gang?
  3. About motivations to leave a street gang? About ways that those interested in interventions to encourage youth to leave street gangs might strengthen their approach?
  4. About approaches to gang prevention that are informed by the social psychology of group processes and social identity?
  5. About explanations for gang wars and conflict that flush out the social psychological layer?
  6. The specific problem or issue that you choose to address should be rooted in the information that the authors of course gang readings have brought to your attention.
  7. This link must be apparent in your paper Develop your thesis or major points: (4 pages) Once you have the big picture and specific problem/issue, organize the body of paper around 4 points that you would like to make.
  8. You will need to explain your points in enough depth and detail that a naive reader will understand exactly what other authors you are referring to have said and exactly what insight you are bringing to the issue you have laid out for the paper Conclusion/Summary.
    (1 page)

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