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Smallpox Vaccine Research Papers

Research papers on the smallpox vaccine can focus on the historical or the medical aspects of the vaccine. Whatever you need our writer to explain in a research project, you can tell us directly when you place your order. Some excellent topics regarding the development of the smallpox vaccine include the following:

  • Trace the history of the smallpox vaccine from its first development to today
  • Do a biographical sketch of Edward Jenner's discovery
  • Explicate the elements of the vaccine

In 1796, the first vaccine was developed in response to smallpox outbreaks; Edward Jenner’s discovery would prove to be one of the most important additions to the field of modern medicine. The concept was one that had been used by various societies for generations. Individuals the world over realized that when a person was exposed to a very mild case of a given disease, they developed an immunity to future outbreaks. Cultures from China to India to the Ottoman Empire had their own methods of creating this minor illness, each of which served the same purpose.

Smallpox Vaccine

However, it was Jenner’s connection between diseases common to those working with animals and smallpox that led to the development of the first smallpox vaccine. After realizing that individuals who became infected with cowpox after working with the animals did not fall ill to smallpox outbreaks, he tested his theory. When a local woman sought treatment for cowpox, an eight-year-old boy was infected with a mild case of the disease using material taken from the woman. Later, when that same boy was exposed to smallpox, he did not become infected. After calls for further proof were made, Jenner followed with evidence of additional individuals who had been infected with cowpox, either purposefully or through their work with the animals, yet still were not susceptible to smallpox infections.

Though the ethics behind the scientific experimentation would be highly questionable by today’s standards, the findings laid the groundwork for our modern understanding of vaccines and inoculation. Jenner’s research and experiments not only prevented countless cases of smallpox, but allowed researchers for generations to build upon his work and more fully understand the nature of disease prevention.

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