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The Singer

The book “The Singer” by Calvin Miller is an intriguing narrative that reads much like a metaphor to the Gospels of the New Testament.  The tale of good versus evil and the constant struggle between the two is the basis upon which this chronicle is written.  Having a powerful message from righteousness made incarnate and the way to redemption, “The Singer” parallels the directive issued in the Gospels to the path of righteousness.

The Singer

Comparison of the Gospel of Mark in the New Testament to the words spoken in “The Singer” reveals many similarities.   The Gospel of Mark begins with the following verses, “It is written in Isaiah the prophet: ‘I will send my messenger ahead of you who will prepare your way- a voice of one calling in the desert, Prepare the way for the Lord God, make straight paths for him.’” (Mark 1:2-3)  This passage of scripture is speaking of John the Baptist who came to prepare the way for Jesus.

The beginning of “The Singer” begins much the same way.  Consider the following excerpt from the book.  “When he awoke, the song was there.  Its melody beckoned and begged him to sing it… ‘Sing the Song!’ the heavens seemed to dry.  ‘We never could have been without the melody that you alone can sing.’” This speaks of one sent by the Heavens to sing the message of the Earthmaker just as John the Baptist was sent to prepare the way for the message of Jesus Christ.

The book continues with the Singer following the sounds of the River Singer into the water where the River Singer reveals his purpose.  “ ‘…you are the Great Troubadour for whom the songless world. So long has waited,’ the river Singer said.  ‘Sing, for many years now, I have hungered to hear the Ancient Star-Song…’”  There is a lot of symbolism in this excerpt that directly correlates with the Gospel of Mark.  For instance the swirling waters of the River Singer’s home beckon the Singer as if to baptize him like the baptism performed by John the Baptist. 

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