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Shakespearean Tragedies

Unlike the comedies, research papers on the Shakespearean tragedies are littered with characters who suffer the repercussions of possessing major flaws. While some of these sad creatures are still sympathetic, such as Romeo and Juliet or Ophelia, a great many are despicable, as is the case of Lady Macbeth and Iago. Shakespearean TragediesThe emotional content of the tragedies is wrenching and painful, and explores the darkest sides of humanity and Shakespeare

The tragedies also focus on our human weaknesses such as jealousy in “Othello,” vengeance in “Hamlet,” mistrust and pride in “King Lear,” and prejudice in “Romeo and Juliet”. These negative human aspects are present in every one of Shakespeare’s tragedies. The tragedies are, like the comedies, most often complete fictions, but occasionally dip into the realm of the familiar so as to make the audience uncomfortable.  A tragedy, finally, would not be such without an impossibly morbid ending.  The heroes must die, and often, so must all those people dear to them. Then, a survivor witness utters a bitter moral for the audience to take home with them. Thus, a literature research paper on Shakespearean tragedy is marked by an exploration of human weaknesses and a vivid illustration of what happens when these weaknesses are given a vent.

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