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Shaivism Research Papers

Shavism research papers can be custom written by the writers at Paper Masters to focus on any aspect of the oldest sect of Hinduism. Religion research papers, or even more specifically, Eastern Religion research papers can be ordered at Paper Masters and professionally written as a study guide.

Shaivism is the oldest sect of Hinduism. The other three sects are:

  • Smartism
  • Shaktism
  • Vaishnavism

ShaivismShaivism focuses on the belief that the god Shiva is the Supreme God and that he has five major tasks in the universe. He is at once the destroyer, creator, preserver, concealer, and revealer. Shaivism likely began in India, but its importance within Hinduism throughout Southeastern Asia, including areas of Indonesia, Singapore, and Malaysia. Followers of Shaivism are often recognized by the "sacred ash" that they apply to their foreheads or bodies.

The History of Shaivism

Shaivism has an extremely long history, making its origins and early influences difficult to determine. Svetasatara Upanishad, the earliest text exploring Shaivism as a religion, was written around 400 BCE. Shivarahasya Purana, also plays an important role in Shaivism. Some claim that this text's origins are more than 7000 years old.

Like many religions, Shaivism has various forms that focus on certain aspects of the religion more than others. Pashupata Shaivism, for instance, is a tantric sect known as the oldest known group within the religion. Other popular groups within Shaivism include Shiva Advaita, Lingayatism, Nath, and Shaiva Siddhanta, and Kashmir Shaivism. These groups developed in different areas of Southeast Asia, giving them distinctive beliefs and customs.

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