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Sexual Attraction

Sexual attraction refers to desirability as it relates to a sexual connection; individuals are sexually attracted to those they would perceive as a mate in some way. This attraction can be rooted in a variety of factors, including those both tangible and intangible. Sexual attraction often refers to physical attraction, or being aroused by a person’s physical traits. These can include appearance, smell, or voice. Sexual attractionHowever, sexual attraction can also be rooted in a variety of intangible elements, including personality, social standing, or their overall character. For some, sexual attraction is focused on finding a mate; for others, it is simply focused on the physical stimulation that accompanies such a relationship.

Sexual attraction has been found to vary dramatically between men and women. Research has shown that men are more likely to experience sexual attraction outside the confines of a committed relationship; they are more likely to engage in sexual activities without a prior relationship commitment. Sexual attraction can arouse jealousy in either partner, with men experiencing greater physical jealousy at the prospect of their partner being sexually attracted to another person and women experiencing greater emotional jealousy. Finally, men generally experience greater rates of sexual attraction when provided with visual stimuli, while women experience sexual attraction as a result of a variety of other factors.

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