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Research Papers on Sex, Power and Politics

This is a topic suggestion on Sex, Power and Politics from Paper Masters. Use this topic or order a custom research paper, written exactly how you need it to be. Topics our writers suggest that provide interesting yet academic information on the interplay of sex, power and politics include the following:

  • Historically, how have sex, power and politics worked together in society?
  • What was the first known sex scandal regarding a polititian in recorded history?
  • Did sex, power and politics go hand in hand in ancient society?
  • Today, is sex, power and poltics less of a taboo than it used to be? Think Caligula vs. today's relative victorian views on political shaming (think Monica Lewinsky).

Sex, Power and PoliticsSex, power and politics have gone hand in hand for years or so it appears to be portrayed in the media. Society relies on media outlets for information and the increase in scandals attached to politicians is often made public. As individuals in society gather information from the media, it is apparent that politicians often have a shady past which ultimately comes to the forefront during campaigning and the time of year slated for elections. Men and women in politics find it hard to separate themselves from scandal which comes to the forefront more often than not. In politics there is power. Many individuals use this power to their advantage in hopes that anything done behind closed doors never gets revealed to the general public.

There is also the stigma of extramarital affairs and sexual deviance that are highlighted when it comes to the nation’s top politicians. Many politicians have been in the middle of a media scandal where ultimately, denial has not been his or her saving grace. The media publishes information retrieved through sources often named and unnamed. Independent of the source, once a story is published about a politician or about someone that is associated with a high profile politician, it becomes very hard to simply not address it. Further, politicians use their power to persuade individuals in one direction or the other thus leading to the general public losing trust in their words and actions over time. It is not uncommon for a politician to drop out of a race or make a public apology in hopes of maintaining damage control. Mainstream society has long associated sex, power and politics to inherently be one in the same and the ability to regain trust once the actions of any one individual is made public becomes increasingly harder.

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