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Sex Education

With the rise of sexually transmitted diseases among teenagers and the prevalence of teenage pregnancy,  many schools have added sex education to its curriculum. With the hopes of reducing these problems The National Association of School Psychologists, the American Medical Association, the National School Boards Association, and the Society for Adolescent Medicine all support the education of sex, along with an increasing amount of state legislatures.   In spite of this growing endorsement, does sex education encourage premarital sex? This is one counter-argument you may want to consider when formulating your essay on sex education.

Objectives for Sex Education Research Paper:

  1. Write an effective, well articulated argument
  2. Use scholarly sources to develop and support an argument
  3. Address counter arguments to support their argument,
  4. Demonstrate an ability to identify an audience and address them appropriately

How to Write an Argumentative Essay on Sex Education

Sex Education Research Papers

In a sex education research paper, discuss the various components of an argumentative essay that are pertinent to creating an effective argument. Examine ways of creating effective titles, catchy introductions, and succinct conclusions. We will investigate ways of using your opposition and counter arguments to support your argument while maintaining a neutral tone. Additionally, look at ways you to emphasize a rhetorical analysis and how to use these effectively while also addressing your audience appropriately.

As a cover sheet for your rhetorical analysis, briefly describe the audience to whom you are addressing your essay. Since your audience dictates your tone, knowing exactly who your audience is will greatly influence the tone of your essay. Do this in the form of a letter to your audience in which you tell them exactly what you know about them and explain why they will want to read your essay and how it will affect their view of the issue.

In your essay be sure to present:

  1. A brief history on the argument to establish your ethos and exemplify the knowledge you have gained on the issue.
  2. Then, create the argument and support it using counter arguments and any other forms of logos and pathos you feel will aid in supporting your argument.
  3. Include a minimum of three sources that support your argument and two that oppose your argument.
  4. At the end of your essay, attach a Works Cited page in which you use MLA format to list the sources you have cited in your essay.

Sex Education Overview

Looking across the broad scope issues that have remained highly contentious in American public opinion, it can be effectively argued that the topic of sex education is one that continues to decisively divide popular culture. On one hand, advocates argue that sex education is a necessary part of school curricula that helps to reduce the number of unwanted teen pregnancies and the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases. On the other hand, opponents of sex education curricula argue that educating students about the topic of sex only stands to increase sexual activity in an already highly sexually active group. Further, opponents of sex education assert that schools should not be responsible for teaching the primary grades about sex. Rather parents and religious institutions are better equipped to handle this sensitive subject matter in a manner that better communicates the family's and community’s moral values.

Many states have adopted mandates to teach sex education in the public education system beginning in kindergarten and continuing through senior high school.  Educating our children about sexuality has expanded to more than a movie about menstruation and human reproduction.   It now includes relationships, the family, even  masturbation. A good program includes the health risks of teenage sex along with the benefits of abstinence.  Educators even go as far as teaching children how to protect themselves if they decide to partake in intercourse.

According to The Advocates for Youth, statistics say teenagers are engaging in sex more than ever and are reaping its consequences. With this expansion one must look at the statistics available to determine if knowledge can help be preventive against diseases and pregnancy. In 1994, Sweden reported 328 abortions, and Finland reported 202, for every 1,000 live births, with the United States totaling 849. The United States' rate is 160 percent higher than Finland and Sweden combined. Sweden and Finland claim that it is their sex education programs that are responsible for their low abortion rates.

Children are born sexual and sexuality isn’t something they fall into, but an on going development.  If children are sexually miseducated without early sex training, they are most likely to engage in sex irresponsibly. If parents or schools fail to educate their children, the jobs falls on a child’s peers and that is far from ideal.

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