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Sensational Barbie

ON THE POEM Denise Duhamel’s “Sensational Barbie”|

Analyzing Literary Texts Essay

“Analysis is the activity of separating something into parts and determining how these parts function to create the whole. When you analyze, you examine a text, an object, or a body of data to understand how it is structured or organized and its effectiveness or validity. Most academic writing, thinking, and reading involve analysis.”

Sensational Barbie

Sensational Barbie Research Paper Will Help You to:

  1. This essay assignment is intended to develop your analytical and critical thinking skills (as applied to both reading and writing).
  2. This assignment will also help you become a more sensitive consumer and user of language, and will teach you about basic critical elements of poetic verse.
  3. You will learn how voice, form, imagery, and music work together to create a poem’s particular “meaning” or message.
  4. Your goal for this assignment is to write a closed-form essay that offers a detailed interpretation of a poem.
  5. Your rhetorical purpose is two-fold: you will explain your way of reading the text, and also persuade your readers that your thesis (your interpretation) is valid. To help develop a topic for this essay, you’ll keep a reading log. These logs should be brought to every class during this unit.
  6. Although it is not a requirement of this assignment, you may also want to use research to help you gain a more complete understanding of the texts and their rhetorical analysis.
  7. Your audience will be your classmates so you can assume that we have read the poems.
  8. Start with a question about the poem that interests you. From your question, you’ll develop your thesis.
  9. Do not feel that you have to offer the definitive reading of a text, and, please, do not be intimidated by the assignment. Instead, feel free to play with ideas, to engage in dialogue with the poem’s author, and to exercise your analytical muscles!

Requirements in Sensational Barbie Research Paper:

  1. Knowledge of the poems and the literary elements discussed in class (form, music, imagery, figures of speech, etc.)
  2. An examination of how the poet conveys her message
  3. Consideration of the speaker’s voice, tone and/or persona
  4. Clear thesis and a correlating thesis-driven structure
  5. Detailed information to support claims
  6. Logical progression and organization of thoughts
  7. Ability to enter into a dialogue with the author of a text (citing from the text, etc.)
  8. Proof of strong, critical reading and writing skills
  9. Use of appropriate college-level spelling, grammar and mechanics
  10. MLA format with Works Cited
  11. Length: 4 pages

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