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Seminole War

The Seminole Wars helped shape the history of the Southeast. If you need help distinguishing between the three Seminole Wars in a research paper, have Paper Masters' expert writers outline the history of the Seminole Wars for you. It can be in the form of a custom written research paper that discusses all or any of the three Seminole Wars outlined below:

  1. Andrew Jackson starts the first Seminole War when he attacks a British Fort manned by Seminoles
  2. Osceola rebels when he hears Jackson wants to move the Seminoles to Oklahoma.
  3. Seminoles attack growing army presence in Florida.

The Seminole Wars refer to three separate conflicts between the United States and the Seminole Indians in Florida. The Seminoles were a collection of Native Americans and runaway slaves who settled in the unoccupied regions of Florida.

The First Seminole War was a fluid conflict for which exact dates remain controversial. Some sources date it between 1814 and 1819, while other sources restrict it solely to the year 1818. Seminole WarDuring the War of 1812, Great Britain established a fort in Seminole territory, quickly dubbed “Negro Fort.” In the summer of 1816, Andrew Jackson ordered forces to destroy Negro Fort, fearing it would spark slave rebellion and runaways. Following Seminole massacres after the fort’s destruction, Jackson invaded Florida in 1818.

Seminole War and Jackson

In 1823, the U.S. government wanted to establish a Seminole reservation in the state of Florida. By 1832, Andrew Jackson had become president and wanted to move the Seminoles to Oklahoma as part of the Indian Removal Act. Osceola, a Seminole leader, led a guerrilla insurrection in Florida, Although Osceola was captured in 1837, fighting lasted until 1842.

By 1855, increased Army presence in Florida pushed the Seminoles to attack once again. The result of the Third Seminole War saw most of the remaining members of the tribe relocated out of Florida, leaving only scattered Seminole families across the state.

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