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Among the reasons for why I have chosen to pursue a counseling degree is (1) my strong desire to help others, (2) the growing demand for counseling services in a variety of settings, (3) the demand for counseling services by an increasingly diverse clientele and (4) my belief that the field of counseling can be advanced by the participation of individuals like myself who have the strong personality characteristics of sensitivity and empathy toward others. Seeking CounselingBased on these reasons, I am confident that I can offer important strengths and vision to a career in counseling, where the desire to help others, to meet the growing demand by a diverse clientele for counseling services and demonstrating sensitivity and empathy toward people in need from of all races and cultures are imperative.

Many of the personality characteristics of people that surround me daily are similar to commonly accepted counselor characteristics including the ability to communicate well, especially in terms of conveying their own needs or ideas, and demonstrating respect, especially in terms of demonstrating regard for individuals in positions of authority. The personality characteristics of many people that surround me however also fail short of what I believe are ideal counselor characteristics, which it is fair to suggest must surpass the personality characteristics of the average individual.

For example, while communication skills are essential to successful interaction with others on a daily basis, for the counselor, they must include not only the ability to convey one’s own needs or ideas but also the ability to listen well to the needs and ideas of others. Although many people might not place as much significance on listening to others as they do on conveying their own needs or ideas to others, I believe that the aspect of listening as a part of interpersonal communication is an essential component in the repertoire of ideal counseling characteristics.

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