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Second Hand Smoke Exposure

Description: Topic: Second Hand Smoke Exposure and Development of Respiratory Problems in Children.

Instructions for Second Hand Smoke Exposure Research Paper:
This clinical project will document in APA manuscript format the identification, investigation, and proposed solution for a problem identified from advanced nursing practice in the student's specialty area. This includes thoroughly critiquing appropriate literature.

  1. Problem Identification: Identify a health problem/topic of interest or concern related to rural health nursing. Provide rationale to support the problem/topic identified.
  2. Review of Literature: Information Quality- Relevant to topic, sufficient in number, reflects use of primary sources, recent- within the last five years or seminal in nature, reflects current knowledge, valid, reliable and scientific in merit.
  3. Critical Analysis: Synthesizes evaluations of literature, which includes evidence based research, into a logically structured analysis of the subject as a whole. The synthesis should illustrate the problem and suggest solutions. The synthesis may also identify gaps in knowledge, inconsistencies, or unanswered questions.
  4. Implications for advance practice nurses: specifically and creatively applies knowledge gained from the review of literature to advance practice nursing.
Second Hand Smoke Exposure

This is the specific instructions on what the paper should contain for Second Hand Smoke Exposure Research Paper:

  1. Problem Identification: Clearly and concisely identifies a clinical problem with a well developed rationale to support problem identified. Clearly establishes significance for nursing (particularly nurse practitioners).
  2. Review of literature: All sources are highly relevant to the topic. Includes both conceptual and data based knowledge. Includes a sufficient number of resources (especially data based sources) to reflect a thorough and comprehensive review of the literature. Uses primary sources. Demonstrates current knowledge. Evidences thorough use of computers/online information systems.
  3. Review of literature: Draws accurate conclusions about the studies. Synthesizes individual critiques int a logical analysis of the literature as a whole that clearly identifies new knowledge and new approaches from the body of knowledge on the topic. Thoroughly identifies gaps in knowledge, inconsistencies in the literature, and unanswered questions for the topic.
  4. Application: Clearly and concisely reflects the application of new ideas/new approaches synthesized and developed from the critical analysis. Includes highly relevant implications for nursing practice, education, research and suggestions for further research. All areas are thoroughly covered. Implements an approved project to thoroughly address a problem/topic based on highly relevant utilization of knowledge from the review of literature. Implications for practice synthesized from the literature are clearly evident.

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