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Writing a Research Paper on "Seasons of Life" Poems

Many poets write about the "seasons of life". You may be required to write a research paper on the concept of the seasons of life in poetry. Paper Masters gives you a sample research paper beginning on two such "seasons of life" poems. Use what you see here to get you started or have Paper Masters custom write you a research paper on the seasons of life in poetry.

The poem “Seasons of Life” may refer to one of two poems written by obscure poets. The first is a Christian themed verse written by New Zealand poet M.S. Lowndes. The other is a more secular exploration of the human condition by American poet Joseph Anderson.

Michelle Lowndes' Seasons of Life Poem

M.S. (Michelle Lowndes) is a New Zealand-based poet and stay at home mother from South Auckland. A member of the Pentecostal Harvest Christian Church, she began writing Christian-themed poems in 1995. She also writes Christian-themed greeting cards. Seasons of Life PoemHer “Seasons of Life” poem is an explicit, devotional verse of a-b-c-b rhyme scheme over eight verses. While not particularly worthy of inclusion in any lasting anthology, the poem does provide a basic, self-fulfilling message that many find appealing.


Joseph Anderson's Seasons of Life Poem

Joseph Anderson is an American poet. Born in Kentucky, Anderson began writing poetry during World War II. His “Seasons of Life” poem is less explicitly religious, through five verses of an a-a-b-b rhyming couplet schemes. Anderson prefers to equate the transformation of the human life with the changing seasons:

  1. Spring representing youth
  2. Summer maturity
  3. Autumn the senior years
  4. Winter being death

Both of these poems can be located on the Internet, although neither is particularly memorable or complex. Both attempt to present the human existence through an obvious metaphor.

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