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Science Fiction Films

Science-Fiction is a sub-genre of the fantasy film, films that are scientific, visionary and imaginative in nature. Research papers on Science Fiction films should be custom written and focus on style and technical elements.

Science Fiction Films

Stylistically, some characteristics of science-fiction films are the presence of brave heroes, distant planets, impossible or improbable settings, fantastic places, dark and shadowy villains, futuristic technology, and aliens or “creatures” from outer space. Science-fiction films are prophetic by nature and are often set in the future, which is represented by imaginative visualizations of what the future might be like.

Technically, science-fiction films often express society's anxiety about the unknown future, and offer suggestions and ideas on how evolutionary and technological advancements might impact us both positively and negatively. There are often encounters with other aliens or beings in which the eternal struggle between good and evil ensues. Science-fiction films often express concern over the potential for technology to destroy humankind, and in some cases (Alien, Species, Mimic etc.) overlap with the horror genre, particularly when technology or alien life forms go bad, or fall into the “wrong hands”.

Many early films in this genre featured outrageous special effects that thrilled early audiences. The first science-fiction film was a 14-minute groundbreaking masterpiece titled “Le Voyage Dans La Lune (A Trip to the Moon)”, which premiered in 1902, far before anyone could imagine that such a journey might actually be possible.  This film was made by imaginative, turn-of-the-century French filmmaker/magician Georges Melies.
The first science-fiction feature films appeared in the 1920s after World War I, showing increasing doubts about the destructive effects of technology. One of the most famous and innovative films ever made was German director Fritz Lang’s silent science-fiction classic, “Metropolis”.  Set in the year 2000, Lang's film was the first to feature a robot.

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