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School Administrators

Education majors must fully understand the rolls and responsibilities of school administrators. Research papers on school administrators and administration are given to help education majors learn what is involved in running a school or school district. Paper Masters can help write a custom research paper for any education major seeking information on school administration.

School Administrators are the leaders of schools. There are several different levels of administrators. The principal is just one level of hierarchy of school administrators. Some of the following are the roles of the principal:

  • Principals and vice principals are the building level administrators in schools.
  • School district superintendents are school administrators for the school systems.
  • Principals are employees who are hired to manage what happens at the school level.
  • In private schools this role applies to the Head Mistress, Head Master, or Dean.

Principals must make school level decisions. InSchool Administrators many cases, principals are responsible for the staffing in their schools. They monitor the teaching curriculum and how it is being integrated. Principals must evaluate their teachers and provide support for struggling teachers to help improve instructional practice.

School Administrators

and Principals


Principals also work with students. They sometimes help teachers with behavior problems. They are also in charge of knowing what students have special needs and must make sure that their school is adhering to any Individual Educational Plans (IEP) for students with learning disabilities.

Principals also work with parents. Principals meet with parents who have concerns about their child’s education. Its their job to encourage parent involvement. Principals also work with local Parent Organizations to help provide funding and programming for school. In many cases, the principal is responsible for the financial aspect of the school. They are in charge of making sure bills are paid, donors are found, and resources are purchased to help promote learning. Principals are assisted in their job by the vice principal. There may be one or more vice principals in a school depending on the size of the school and the needs of the school.

Superintendents are School Administrators

Superintendents are school administrators that run all of the schools within a district. Superintendents can be in charge of a few schools or many schools depending on the size of the district they serve. Superintendents supervise the building level principals and district level staff. Superintendents work with other superintendents and state official to help form educational policy.

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