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Satellite Television Industry

Research paper detailing the Satellite Television Industry in the country of India. The history of the industry in India. Who are the big players? What is the competition like? Is there competition from other sources such as cable companies, phone companies like in the United States? For example, DirecTV competes with Comcast(Cable) , Verizon (FIOS)(IPTV), etc for subscribers. Are there competitative advantages over these rivals? For example, cable and phone companies need reliable infrastructure to have stable service. Satellite would just need a dish and access to the sky.

Satellite Television Industry

Satellite Television Industry Research Paper:

  1. What type of technology do these satellite TV providers use?
  2. What satellites do these companies use to beam their signals up and back down to their customers?
  3. What type of hardware is required by the end user to pull in and decrypt these signals in order for them to see them on their televisions?
  4. What are some other challenges for the Satellite industry? For example signing programming channels and carriage agreements with content providers.
  5. What kind of programming is available?
  6. Are there international channels available?
  7. How expensive is this programming and is it available to the middle class and the masses?
  8. What are the demographics of the Satellite TV customers?
  9. Is there High Definition programming?
  10. Are there bandwidth related problems?
  11. What about security and hackers being able to steal their signals for free?
  12. What about collecting payments from subscribers?
  13. What is the future of the industry? Are there signs that the industry will grow and prosper as India’s economy grows and there is additional disposable income?

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