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Sample Audiogram

A common assignment on a Sample Audiogram is as follows:

The total amount of pages for this research paper should be approximately four. Please use APA format as appropriate.

Please prepare two separate reports using two different patients and two different settings for a total of four pages.

Sample Audiogram1. Choose a "patient" from the options listed below.

2. Provide a brief written description of the test situation set-up, tests performed, and why each test was chosen.

3. Using the sample box audiogram format, provide audiometric data, which was obtained, for your sample patient.


Choose one; please be sure to identify which patient was chosen within your sample audiogram paper.

Patient A: Three-year-old female with chronic ear infections in both ears. Her mother reports that she has fluid in the right ear today.

Patient B: 80-year-old male with a history of working in a noisy environment. He says he has ringing in his left ear.

Patient C: 30-year-old female referred by her doctor, who suspects adhesions affecting the mobility of the ossicular chain. The right ear is the ear, which does not seem to hear well.

Patient D: 45-year-old male who recently fell and hit the left side of his head. His doctor has seen a large perforation of the eardrum in the left ear. The patient says everything sounds muffled!

Patient E: 7-year-old boy, who accidentally put a pencil into his right ear. He thinks the eraser may be stuck in there.

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