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Rwandan Genocide

The mass killing of the Tutsi in Rwanda by the Hutu government is known as the Rwandan Genocide. Approximately 1 million Rwandans were slaughtered, roughly 70% of the population, between April and July in 1994. The killings only discontinued when the Rwandan Patriotic Front took over power in Rwanda. The RPF was controlled by Paul Kagame. After the change in power, many Rwandans became refugees.

Rwandan Genocide

The criminals behind the Rwandan genocide were affiliates of the political elite. Many held positions of power in the national government. They assembled their killers from the Rwandan army, and militias that possessed the government’s support.

The effects from the genocide had a major impact on Rwanda and it’s adjacent countries. Rape was rampant during the genocide, which caused a rise in HIV among women, and newborn babies. The multitude of deaths left many people widowed, and children orphaned. The economy failed due to the massive loss in population. After the RPF-military took over and influenced the government, many fled to adjacent countries. Most managed to gather in refugee camps along the border of Rwanda.

Today, a vast amount of the Rwandan Tutsi and Hutu population still live their live as refugees. The nation has two holidays that acknowledge the genocide. The national mourning period begins on April 7th and lasts until the following week. This period is referred to as Kwibuka. The mourning period officially ends on July 4th, which is considered Liberation Day. Following the events of the genocide, the nation of Rwanda was driven to create the International Criminal Court in order to prevent further war crimes, and crimes against humanity.

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