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Robinson Crusoe

Robinson Crusoe is the journey of a young man struggling to survive a shipwreck and laboring to save his sanity in the midst of years of mental isolation. Research papers on Robinson Crusoe claim Robinson Crusoe is much more than an adventure tale; Robinson Crusoe represents the typical middle-class European view of heroism through adherence to the protestant work ethic and salvation from hardship through God and religion. Robinson Crusoe

The research paper should begin with Crusoe Shipwrecked and alone on a deserted island, illustrating a man without faith and independent of his sophisticated European upbringing. Crusoe rejected the will of his father and set out for adventure in the world. This rejection could be said in the research paper to be symbolic of Crusoe’s rejection of God and the island he is shipwrecked upon is metaphorical for his spiritual island. Although the island is deserted, it is not without the qualities of a genuine paradise: food such as goats, fish, and raisins and readily available shelter with little effort. This also is illustrative of religious symbolism, that paradise (heaven) is within the grasp of the rejected soul at any time.

The main focus of Robinson Crusoe’s existence is work. The research paper on Robinson Crusoe goes into great detail about Crusoe’s efforts at daily tasks and the fulfillments of an obligation he feels to continually keep busy. His efforts at work may fail, such as his first boat, but he nonetheless continues on working. He chooses to work the land as a farmer, perhaps more difficult than spending his days fishing, but once again, this takes up his time and involves keeping busy with work.

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