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The Road Not Taken Research Papers

Paper Masters' literature writers are very familiar with Robert Frost's classic poem The Road Not Taken and will explicate the poem for you in a custom research paper.

It is a great skill of poets to be able to write one thing and mean another with a beautiful clarity.  To be able to sustain such a metaphor requires skillful crafting of words and a complete command of the English language.  Examine this skill in a research paper on Robert Frost and his poem The Road Not Taken. The research paper on The Road Not Taken should show that the Frost poem is a remarkable example of a poet’s ability to say one thing and mean another, and his use of symbolismThe Road Not TakenWhile it can be argued that metaphor of Frost’s The Road Not Taken is rather easily grasped, the beauty in which it is mastered is exceptionally exquisite.  The theme of The Road Not Taken is one of reflection and this is conveyed through poetic structure and imagery as Frost looks back over his life and is contemplating the choices that he has made.  He refers to the road that he has chosen as the “the one less traveled by” and he contends that “that has made all the difference.”

The Metaphor in The Road Not Taken

It is undeniably true that Frost employs a number of techniques in The Road Not Taken to create such a subtle metaphor. 

  • Beginning with the physical structure of The Road Not Taken it is clear that Frost is attempting to relay a sense of structure, a structure that is often associated with rational decision-making. 
  • Frost utilizes a rhyme scheme of ABAAB through out the entire poem, which gives the work continuity. 
  • Frost has arranged each stanza to specifically include one thought or idea that is started and completed within 5 lines of text. 
  • Frost utilizes structure an underlying technique to capture the theme of the poem.

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