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Risk Management Research Papers

This is a research paper topic suggestion on Risk Management. The project you see below was developed as a teamwork project. Custom research papers on risk management are Paper Masters specialty. The thesis statement regarding risk management that you see here is just a SAMPLE of what we can provide you in research. This research paper discusses the risks that are involved in all aspects of projects. Each team member has been asked to prepare by developing, in as much detail as possible, a Risk Management Guideline that describes how you believe the team should proceed in handling all project risks. Include all data in your research paper.

Elements to Include in a Risk Management Project:

  1. Objectives for project risk management.
  2. Project scope statement design, creep and life cycle.
  3. Process for estimating, managing & reducing all risk events.
  4. Budgets and linkages to the WBS.
  5. Procedures necessary for contingency planning, funding & workarounds.
  6. Team activities during the project.
  7. Team outputs.Risk Management

Some common terms in Risk Management Research are as follows:

  • Financial Risk Exposure
    Financial risk exposure is the risk which a company faces as a result of possible price fluctuations in financial products such as stocks, options or bonds in which the company has invested.
  • Duration
    Duration typically relates to bonds; it is the weighted average time to maturity, based on anticipated receipt of cash flows including both interest as well as principal payments.
  • Immunization
    Immunization also relates to bonds; it is the process by which an investor eliminates risk in a bond portfolio by investing in bonds such that gains or losses from price changes due to fluctuations in interest rates are matched exactly by gains or losses from reinvestment.
  • Derivatives
    Derivatives are financial products whose value is derived from the value of other financial products – for example, options are derivatives whose value is derived from the value of the underlying stocks.
  • Futures markets
    Futures markets are markets in which futures are traded.  Futures are a type of derivative, constructed as a contract which calls for the purchase or sale – in the future – of an underlying asset or liability based on a price determined in the present.
  • Hedging
    Hedging is a type of risk management tool that allows the company to balance possible future losses with investments, typically made using derivatives such as options or futures.
  • Swaps
    In a swap, two parties (companies or financial institutions) exchange cash flow liabilities, typically because the profile of each party’s cash flows are preferred by the other party.  Swaps are also leveraged as a financial risk management tool, and, used properly, can have the effect of reducing both parties’ financial risk levels.

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