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Research Paper Services Checklist

Use the following items as guidelines for determining if the research paper company you are dealing with is a legitimate term paper service.

If all items below are checked, the research paper company is more than likely legitimate.

US Based? Are they located in the United States?
(This is very important because companies outside the US are not bound by US Laws concerning Credit Card Fraud.)
  • Verify the company's location by looking up:
    • Domain Registration Information - WhoIs
    • Get a local, not a toll free telephone number, and do a White Pages Reverse Phone Number Look-up
    • Actually call the telephone number on their web site:
      • Does someone answer?
      • Do they speak clear English?
      • Will they tell you about where they are located in the US?
Guarantees in Writing? Will they guarantee, in writing, that your term paper will not be plagiarized?
Prices Legitimate? Are their prices realistic?
  • Do you really think that a professional writer will write a term paper for $7.99 per page?
  • Starting pay for academic freelance writers with only a bachelor's degree is over $8 per page. This price doesn't even include the service fees and profit margin for the company selling the term paper! Cheap term paper services don't sell original research - it is either plagiarized from the internet or has been resold hundreds of times over.
Quality? Do they guarantee quality, NOT a good grade?
(Grades cannot be guaranteed but quality can.)
Custom & Original? Do they write original term papers or are you getting a paper sold before.
Privacy of Information? Does their privacy policy guarantee they will NOT sell your e-mail address or personal information?
SSL Order Form? Is their order page SSL secure?
  • Look for the Verisign symbol or make sure the order form web address starts with https://


Why do the term paper services check-list?

Many of the research paper services you see listed in search engines are scams. They operate outside of the United States and students are not able to prosecute them for things like credit card fraud, identity theft and plagiarism.

The research paper services check list is for your benefit and is a consumer service that can be used when buying anything online.

Isn't it biased to demand a US based term paper company?

No, absolutely not. If you are a student in the United States, you need a US based company that understands format, University criteria, English grammar rules and linguistic nuances. Beyond that, you need a company that is bound by the laws of the United States so that your personal information is secure.