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Reporter for the Washington Post in Germany During 1938

No time to do your Reporter for the Washington Post in Germany During 1938 research paper? Here is an example of what we can do for you.

Assume you are a reporter for the Washington Post sent to cover the events of November 9-10, 1938 in Germany.

Overview of the Country Germany:

Germany is located in central Europe and is bordered to the west by France, Belgium and the Netherlands, to the south by Switzerland and Austria, to the east by Czechoslovakia and Poland, and to the north by Denmark. It has coastline on both the Baltic Sea and the North Sea. Its three largest cities are Berlin, Hamburg and Munich. The total population of Germany is approximately 82 million, with 8.5% of the population foreign born. German is the official language of the nation, although many people are bilingual.

Reporter for the Washington Post in Germany During 1938

Reporter for Washington Post in Germany During 1938 Outline

  1. The background-what triggered Kristallnacht? (less than a page)
  2. What happened ? (use data and citations) (2 pages)
  3. Why was it called Kristallnacht? (1/2 page)
  4. How did the events differ by region? by urban /rural location?
    or by gender? (1 page)
  5. Why was Kristallnacht important? (2 pages) In crafting your paper be sure to use the reporter’s technique of using specific examples and telling us stories – i.e. tell us what happened to real people. Also be sure to use and cite information from the readings.

Look at Hans Peter Richter Friedrich - Reporter

  1. There are very strict restrictions on using materials from the internet (unless you are using one of these sites:
    The US Holocaust Memorial Museum; the Ghetto Fighters Kibbutz (in Israel); the Wiesenthal Center (in Los Angeles); the transcripts of the Eichmann trial in Jerusalem, 1961.
  2. The general rule is that you should NOT use any materials from the internet unless you can trace the material back to its original source and cite that source.

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