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Regional Studies of Breast Cancer

Regional studies of breast cancer research papers look at a regional view of cases of breast cancer.  According to a FDA study, the risk factor of breast cancer increases as women move from one region to another.  Regional Studies of Breast CancerThe study conducted related the risk factors of getting breast cancer when eating a high fat diet to those of a low fat diet.  The study showed that countries, like the United States that more commonly consume a high fat diet have a higher breast cancer rate than those countries like Japan that eat typically a low fat diet. 

It is interesting to note that as the westernization of Asian countries continue so does their risk factor for breast cancer.  In fact the study states that wealthy Japanese women who eat more of a westernized diet are at 8.5 times greater risk of breast cancer than the poorer Japanese women who eat a more traditional Asian diet. The study goes on to show that when a woman from a low risk country comes to a high-risk country, they begin to take on the risk factor of their new country.  The risk of breast cancer in the new resident will increase and by the next generation will be close to equal that of their new country. 

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