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Reflection Paper

Paper Masters shows you how to write a reflection paper by custom writing one exactly according to your professor's criteria. This method of teaching is called the sample research paper and is an excellent way of showing a student how to write a reflection essay or paper.

The following are typical elements of a reflection paper rather than a regular research paper:

  • A reflection paper is an academic essay in which the writer communicates ideas, both thoughts and analysis, on one or more readings.
  • Reflection papers are an opportunity to demonstrate understanding of material, generally presented in class.
  • A reflection paper is a demonstration of how, if at all, outside readings have changed one’s thinking.

Reflection Paper

Reflection Paper and Themes

To begin with, one must identify the main themes of the various readings and ask whether such readings have changed one’s thinking. Reflection papers are not always about change, but should quickly get to the main point. Many people find it helpful to write down questions as they work their way through the readings in order to prepare for writing the reflection paper.

Typically, reflection papers are not very long. Three to seven hundred words generally suffice for the writer to explore the main themes and present ideas. However, should a professor have specific word or page counts, it is best to follow those guidelines. Begin with one’s expectations before the experience, and have a thesis statement.

Since reflection papers are personal writing statements, and often short, it is important to discern which details are important and which are not. Not everything need be included in a reflection paper. However, an academic tone, rather than an informal one, should be maintained throughout.

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