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Reflection of e-Portfolio

The elements of the e-portfolio are listed below with a few questions to help guide you as you prepare Reflection statement of portfolio artifacts. Paper Masters will help you write an e-portfolio that is reflective. We also help you understand what are the elements of a reflection e-Portfolio.

Each reflection statement should be one to one and half page with double space. I need 7 reflection statements, One introductory statement and one conclusion statement. A reflective statement must accompany each artifact submitted in the portfolio. All No of pages together will be 10-14.
The reflective statement should provide a thoughtful, introspective narrative in response to the following:

A Description of the Activity for E-portfolio

Reflection of e-Portfolio
  1. What did you (the student) learn from the activity? How did the activity assist in achieving the learning objective?
  2. Since this activity was completed initially, how have you increased your achievement of the learning objective?
  3. What are the implications for future learning or professional development?
    The quality of the reflection is more important than the length of the statement

Student statement and portfolio framing statement

  1. Why did you decide to complete this degree? What were your learning needs/goals? Were you looking for specific knowledge, skills, experience?
  2. What information can you give the reader to guide him/her through your portfolio?
  3. What do you want the reader to know about you as they read the portfolio?
  4. Have you received any awards, published any papers or done any presentations at professional societies?
  5. Introduce your portfolio–tell the reader what it is that you are presenting.
  6. What theme emerges from the artifacts in the portfolio?

Artifacts with significance statement for each: What? So What? Now What?

  • What did you learn by completing the Portfolio artifact?
  • Did it fill any gap in knowledge or experience for you?
  • Was there development of written and or verbal skills? Interpersonal skills? Other skills?
  • Do you want/need to develop this or any other skills any further?
  • Is there other knowledge in this area that you would like to pursue?
  • How will you apply what you have learned from this particular project to your own profession?

Concluding Statement of Reflection

  1. What are your thoughts now that you have gone through this process?
  2. How do you summarize your portfolio?
  3. What story does it tell?
  4. What surprised you? What was affirmed for you?
  5. Where are you now and where were you at the beginning of your degree program?
  6. How has completing the program helped you to achieve your professional and/or personal goals?
  7. Where as a professional do you want to go from here?
  8. How well have you developed your skills in the 5 competency areas?
  9. What are your next steps? Do you have a plan for future learning?

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