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Realism research paper due and don’t know how to start it? How about like this?

Realism was a product of the early 20th Century notion of idealism, which speculated that man was basically good and would collectively strive to achieve peace and a cohesive international community to solve the problems of the world. However, WWII shattered the notions of idealists and spawned the ideology of realism. RealismRealism is the political notion that the nation-state is a force that seeks to operate with international interests in the forefront of all policy making. For the realist, the struggle for power is an inevitable outcome of politics among rational and competing nation states. For realism, military and security are chief among the concerns for each state in order to achieve at least the illusion of power. The Cold War would be a good example of realist politics.

Realism can be summarized in the following three basic propositions: state-centric, rational individualists and lack central government in favor for international interests. The state is the primary player in world politics and within the state, rational individualists plot the goals of foreign policy through power politics in which each state assert varying ideologies.

According to the propositions outlined above, realism in the real world today depends upon the predictability of human behavior and the proper assessment of international interests within the struggle for power. Therefore, it appears as realism has become irrelevant in the political arena since the power struggle of international politics is not based upon rational policy-makers and predictable behaviors of states and their leaders. One of the greatest examples of the failure of realist thought was the end of the cold war and the downfall of the Soviet Union. Had the United States correctly assessed the Soviet Union’s real lack of threat towards the United States, the money and resources spent on the cold war may have been averted. Today, Saddam Hussein would be a primary example of why realist political theory cannot flourish. His form of power politics is neither rational nor predictable, thus his input in the international community is one that throws off the balance of power that realism seeks to achieve. 

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