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Ramses II Research Papers

Ramses II, also spelled “Ramesses,” (1303 BCE-1213 BCE) is one of the major rulers of Egypt, the third pharaoh of the 19th Dynasty. If you have a history project due on Ramses II and you need a research paper written, have Paper Masters custom write your project according to the exact directions you give us.

Known as Ramses the Great, he is considered by many to have been the most powerful of all Egyptian pharaohs, extending Egyptian territory northward into Canaan and the Levant. Ramses IIGreek sources call him Ozymandias, of which romantic poet Percy Bysshe Shelley wrote the famous poem Ozymandias.

When he was fourteen, Ramses’ father Seti I appointed him as Prince Regent, taking the throne several years later and ruling for an unprecedented period of time, until his death at the age of 91.

  • During his long reign, he presided over 14 sed festivals, which were held every three years after the thirtieth year of a reign.
  • During his reign, he conducted numerous military campaigns, south against the Nubians, and north against the Hittites.
  • Following victory against the Hittites at the Battle of Kadesh, Ramses II forayed into Canaan, and undertook several campaigns into Syria.

At home, Ramses undertook several major building campaigns. The most notable was the Ramesseum, a massive memorial temple located at Thebes. He later moved the capital of his kingdom from Thebes to a newly built city Pi-Ramesses. When he died at an advanced age, his mummy was buried in the Valley of the Kings. Today, the mummy of Ramses II, greatest of the pharaohs, is on display at the Egyptian Museum in Cairo.

Coming just before Ramses II, Horemheb reasserted strong leadership in the throne, building great temples and renewing military activity.  He was succeeded by his hand picked successor, Ramses I, originator of Dynasty 19.  Ramses was another strong military Pharaoh, but had a short reign.  His son, Seti I, was an even greater military leader than his predecessors.  His son, Ramses II, ruled for sixty-seven years and may have been the greatest Pharaoh ever.  His building and military programs exceeded anything that had been seen in Egypt, and forced a peace with the Hittites

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