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The perceived race issue in the United States, as discussed in research papers from Paper Masters, has been an issue which America has struggled with from the time the first English explorers set eyes on the American Indian. The term “race”, as applied to humans has seen diverse uses by politicians, military leaders, philologists, human biologists, demographers, and historians. Some "races" constitute language groups, often of peoples whose only kinship is that they speak a common language. The concept of race has been variously applied to national or cultural grouping. "Race" also has been applied to human groups proven to have their existence on the basis of archaeological discoveries. RaceVarious religious groups who may or may not have common ancestry sometimes are called races--the Moabite race, for example. Race, as we commonly define it, relies on the presence of differences and social stratification theory.  These could be hair color, eye color, skin complexion-melanin content or even hair texture. It must be stated that a great deal of anthropologists and biologist have determined race to be a social, cultural and political concept.

“The study of race and ethnic relations-and sociology in general-in the early and mid twentieth century was shaped by the concerns of the dominant white/Anglo-American group, especially the “social problems of immigration and urbanization”. Thus what we now take to be the standard with respect to academic research on the idea of race is in fact directly linked to the support of white-America. 

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