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Qualitative Inquiry in Education

No time to do your Qualitative Inquiry in Education research paper? Here is an example of what we can do for you.

The purpose of a qualitative inquiry in the field of education is to read and review a published qualitative research study from an academic journal or edited book and analyze the research design, quality, and relevance for your educational area of interest.

A good example of a qualitative journalis the Qualitative Inquiry in Education journal. One specific topic that can be focused on is distance education and/or internet learning activities in a classroom setting.

How to Go About a Qualitative Inquiry Research Project

1. Locate and read an academic journal article or book chapter related to your area of interest that reports on a qualitative research studyQualitative Inquiry in Education

2. Write a critique of the article including the following components:

  • Summary: Give a brief summary of the research study including the author's purposes, conceptual context, research questions, methods, results, and conclusions. Be sure to include the most important points and arguments of the study.
  • Analysis: Use the 12 questions listed below. Not all of the questions may be relevant for your article, but be sure to address the main issues of credibility and validity and look closely for any limitations and/or issues that might make you question the methods or results of the study.
  • Implications: Explain what useful ideas the article contains both for you as a practitioner and as a researcher. Briefly describe how the results might be applied in practice and explain what methods or ideas might be relevant for your own research project.

3. Include the full citation for your article or book chapter using complete, correct APA style, and attach a copy of the article for me to review (this will be returned to you).

A Dozen Questions to Ask When Reading Research for Qualitative Inquiry in Education Research Paper:

  1. Has the paper been peer reviewed for a refereed journal?
  2. Is evidence of replication available to support the results?
  3. Is a conflict of interest evident for the person(s) doing, sponsoring or disseminating the study?
  4. Can the question(s) asked be answered in the study?
  5. Is evidence of technical problems apparent in design or analysis?
  6. Are sample composition and size adequate to address the question(s) asked and to support the conclusions reached?
  7. Are the conclusions offered supported by the findings?
  8. Is there indication that the investigator was careless in conducting or reporting the study?
  9. Does the author say things about the study that appear to be examples of a poor understanding of scholarship?
  10. Is the author conscientious in frankly drawing your attention to limitations imposed by the design or sample, or compromises made to circumvent problems?
  11. Did you encounter any other reason for suspending trust in the study?
  12. Do you understand all of the report, or, in all honesty, do you require assistance with some elements?

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