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Public Video Surveillance Research Papers

Public video surveillance research papers explore the issues that surround rights to privacy and public video surveillance. Any aspect of the issue can be covered when you order a custom written project from Paper Masters.

Public Video Surveillance: What Percentage Of Our Lives Should Be On Camera?

A research paper on public video surveillance will want to examine the following topics:

  1. The various uses of video surveillance and other visual technology by public and private entities to prevent and discourage crime, including:
    1. Law enforcement practices
    2. The conditions which many warrant public video surveillance
    3. The associated legal and constitutional implications
    4. Whether the technology has been effective in preventing crime.
  2. The research paper will discuss the role that public video surveillance can play within the context of community policing.
  3. Generally, the evidence suggests that video surveillance is successful in reducing and preventing crimes and is very helpful in prosecuting individuals caught in the act of committing a crime.
  4. Data shows that there is public law enforcement cost savings.
  5. Critics have argued that public video surveillance conflicts with the U.S. Constitution’s Fourth Amendment prohibition against unreasonable searches and seizures.

These issues and other related concerns will be discussed in this paper.


Background of the Issue of Video Surveillance

  1. Historical overview
    1. The Evolution Of U.S. Military And Civilian intelligence Operations And Public Safety
    2. The Civil War As Starting Point
    3. The Military Intelligence SystemPublic Video Surveillance
    4. The Creation of The FBI.
    5. Communism And The Evolution Of Wiretapping
    6. The Electronic Communications Privacy Act
    7. The Patriot Act
  2. International Usage Of Video Surveillance
    1. United Kingdom
    2. France
    3. Ireland
    4. Russia
    5. Iraq
  3. Use in The United States Of Video Surveillance
    1. Public Use
    2. Commercial And Private Use
  4. Important Court Cases - The Evolution Of The Right To Privacy Using Court Cases And Public Laws
    1. The Right Of Privacy, The Constitution, And The Courts
    2. Exceptions To The Right Of Privacy
    3. The Fourth Amendment And Surveillance
    4. The Trespass Doctrine
    5. Katz V. United States
    6. After Katz
    7. Privacy Protections
    8. Aerial Surveillance Cases
    9. National Security issues
  5. Arguments for Surveillance
    1. Cost Savings
    2. Reduced Crime
  6. Arguments Against Public Surveillance
    1. The Fourth Amendment issue
    2. Video Surveillance
    3. Video with Sound Versus Silent.
  7. Possible Chilling Effect On Lawful Activities
    1. Tort Liability
  8. Analysis of the issues - In this section you will discuss how you interpret the legalities of public surveillance and what can be expected in the future. The main points will include:
    1. That Silent Video Surveillance is Currently interpreted As Legal
    2. That Video Surveillance Will Be An Ever-increasing Tool Against Crime And in Favor Of Order
    3. That Video Surveillance Will Provide A “Chilling Effect” On Public Displays Of Almost Everything
  9. Conclusion


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