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Psychotherapy Research Papers

Research papers on psychotherapy methods and the practice of psychotherapy can be custom written for students by the writers at Paper Masters. Any topic you need written on our writers can do!

Psychotherapy Advantages has been used in many forms in the past century. Today, many methods are used successfully.  In institutional settings, contemporary psychiatric units all have forms of group Psychotherapy Advantages.  Depending on length of stay, psychotherapists are challenged to set group goals and modify techniques for the broad range of patients in each group.  Therapists will choose methods such as the following:

  • Focused goals
  • Closed memberships
  • Homogeneous groups of patients

These elements are based on symptoms or levels of psychological functioning.  PsychotherapyA team group format is often used with schizophrenic patients.  The disadvantages to this method include that it is formatted to assist the lowest functioning member.  This may cause it to be meaningless to higher functioning patients.  Alternatively, formatting the Psychotherapy Advantages for the needs of the high functioning members leaves the rest of the group exposed to stress and anxiety.  Advantages of the team group method include that the members benefit from the presence of the group.  It functions somewhat like a small community within the hospital. An author states, “the small group reflects the interpersonal interactions characteristic of the unit as a whole and can provide an opportunity in a more supportive and structured environment for patients to understand their hospital experience, spot problems in relating to others and begin the process of changing maladaptive ways of relating.

Other advantages include the fact that more psychotic patients can provide meaningful feedback to higher functioning patients.  Interestingly, patients with few symptoms are often in denial about their illness, placing them at extreme risk. Patients currently suffering from many symptoms are often in touch with the emotional themes of the group. This insight has shown to be very useful.  Also, the team group format provides a safe environment for schizophrenics to offer help to each other.  This is often the first time the patients experience altruism.  Acknowledges the disadvantages of this form of therapy, but given the strong advantages, he encourages psychiatric units to use several group formats to compensate.

Many philosophies of psychotherapeutic treatment have evolved since schizophrenia was first named as a mental illness.  In the early 1960’s, doctors used a method known as intensive Psychotherapy Advantages.  Practitioners of psychoanalysis created this method.  It involved psychological investigation, behavior insight, and emotional experience with the therapist.  The assumption is that clients can make changes in themselves outside the therapeutic setting.  Psychotherapy Advantages necessitates involvement of the entire family rather than the patient only.  Therapists commonly educate families regarding the illness and its management, avoids placing blame, instill hope, and assist them with taking a long-term perspective. 

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