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Professional Development Plan

Consider the following when writing your Professional Development Plan Research Paper:

  1. How can a teacher use her role as an early childhood educator to inspire and nurture children’s creativity?
  2. What are some ways a teacher can develop her own creativity?
  3. What are characteristics of self-actualizing people?
  4. Why are authentic experiences for young learners so important and how can teachers create authentic learning experiences for children?

Howard Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligence is fascinating how can it be integrated into an early childhood curriculum?

Professional Development Plan

Overview of Howard Gardner's Theory of Multiple Intelligence:

Although intelligence testing is one of the most widely forms of standardized testing that there is, there are relatively few theories of intelligence in psychology. One of the most recently developed intelligence theories is one developed by Howard Gardner . Essentially, this theory suggests that there are eight types of intelligences, including linguistic, musical, personal, social, spatial, logical-mathematical, bodily-kinesthetic, and verbal. Interestingly, according to Gardner, each one develops differently at different times throughout the individual’s lifespan.

One of the apparent advantages of this theory is that it suggests that intelligence is more then the two-dimensional concepts that have previously dominated thoughts concerning intelligence. In other words, it suggests that intelligence is more then verbal skills and performance skills. Unfortunately, there is little research to suggest that intelligence is indeed comprised of the aforementioned eight kinds.

Creative Arts in Education Curriculum:

  1. What is your belief about the role of creativity in early childhood?
  2. How will you incorporate creative arts be incorporated into the curriculum?
  3. List three specific examples.
  4. As an early childhood educator, what can be done to further your understanding of and experience with creative arts? List at least two specific examples.
  5. What areas of creative arts do you most need to strengthen? List two specific action items you will complete to develop your creative side in these areas.
  6. How can a teacher authentically /creatively teach children with special needs?
  7. Why are early childhood educators so important?

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