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Probation and Parole

Probation and parole term papers examine their role in the criminal justice system. The criminal justice system in the United States is the process whereby individuals are convicted and punished for breaking the law.  There are many stages in this system for administering justice, as shown in Probation and Parole Research Papers.  Probation and ParoleAfter the conviction of an offender in the criminal courts, he or she enters the correctional system.  This may consist of many avenues, including fines.  For many offenders, their only punishment involves being placed in a program referred to as probation.  Other offenders are incarcerated in some type of facility such as a prison or country jail.  At some point in this process, some offenders are selected to participate in probation and parole programs.  The purpose of this Probation and Parole Research Paper is to discuss probation and parole, their value, and the current research regarding their effectiveness with regard to deterring crime.

When offenders are determined or judged to be guilty in a court of law, they may receive one of two basic types of punishments.  They may either be incarcerated in a prison setting or they may receive probation. Thus, probation may be granted at the discretion of a judge or on the basis of statutes that have been enacted.

There are many advantages to using probation rather than incarceration as a correctional method or punishment.  Probation allows the offender to remain within society in a productive way.  The individual’s behavior is under close scrutiny in order to ensure that no further crimes are committed, while he or she maintains family support.  If the individual violates the conditions of his or her probationary requirements, then he or she may be sent to prison to complete the original terms of sentencing. 

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