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Probation term papers research and illustrate that the probation process is less expensive than providing intensive prison care for years.  The costs of incarceration are great.  The price of imprisonment is sometimes greater than can be measured in dollars and cents.  ProbationFor example, in recent research, Dodge and Pogrebin cite that women inmates often suffer a loss of self-esteem and increased stress because of the separation from their family and children.  The stigma of imprisonment often resulted in a failure to secure adequate paying employment after release.

The main benefit of probation for the criminal justice system is that recidivism for individuals on probation is lower than the rates for offenders who are incarcerated.  In other words, criminals are less likely to commit crimes in the future if they do not go to prison.  One explanation for this fact may be that their support systems remain intact, and they are able to retain their employment. Research indicates that probation can work without utilizing intensive supervision that requires day reporting.  Day reporting is the requirement that the individual must “check-in” with a probation officer or at a probation facility on a daily basis.  This extra component of probation has no impact on recidivism rates.

However, this does not mean that probation is the solution for every criminal.  De Li, Priu, and MacKenzie report that offenders on probation for drug involvement are likely to continue breaking the law, especially with regard to both property and violent crimes.  Thus, these individuals may require other interventions, such as drug rehabilitation program involvement, as well as probation.

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