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Primate Social Behavior

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Studying primate social behavior allows scientists to get a better grasp on human behavior and evolution as well. In observing primate social behavior, human beings are able to get a better idea about preservation and learn more about the core needs of a primate which can also be applied to the needs of human beings. Primate Social BehaviorThe understanding behind why animals’ act the way they do and what they require in terms of space, diet, group organization also allows human beings to decipher between what is necessary in terms of preserving the wild habitats of primates.

The study of a primate in its own environment is called behavioral ecology and it allows scientist to learn important aspects about primate social behavior. Several factors come into play when observing primate behavior such as quantity and quality of different kinds of food, relationship with other (non-predator) species, activity patterns (nocturnal/diurnal) and impacts of human activity. Most primates, like human beings spend their lives in large social groups or communities. Primates protect scarce food resources and additionally are tied to a particular locale and rarely migrate outside of their home range. Contact that primates have with other sub-groups is also very closely observed as primates can be over protective of their own. There is a particular social behavior defined for a female primate that is not common for other mammals while adult males tend to travel solo and only come together with their female counterparts occasionally for mating.

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