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Prevention of Syphilis

Prevention of syphilis rests in the form of education. The following are the levels of prevention for syphilis :

  • Primary Prevention – A vaccine would be the easiest, most practical and effective method of prevention, and is especially needed to prevent new infections.  But, as one is not available, there must be direct efforts by individuals. Prevention of Syphilis begins with the infected and potentially infected hosts.  Prevention of SyphilisIndividuals and sexual partners must not only practice safe sex, which should include the use of a condom and abstinence in the case of visible sores, but they must also be careful of sharing needles or coming in contact with open sores or the blood of others. Individuals should also perform self examinations to determine visible evidence of infections of any sort and, at the first site of evidence, see a physician.
  • Secondary Prevention - Worldwide, but especially in the areas with the highest syphilis concentrations, public-health efforts have been established to assist in raising the awareness of the causes and prevention of syphilis. Through outreach and affordable (if not free) testing and treatment the disease can be brought under control.
  • Tertiary Prevention – Tracking the disease and maintaining geographic controls and prevention efforts will eventually lead (it is hoped) to the elimination of syphilis entirely.

Current research on Syphilis has yielded tremendous insight into the disease. The advances achieved by the mapping of the human genome sequence has revealed the nature of the bacterium which causes syphilis . In understanding its particularly vital and constantly changing make-up through the mapping of its genetic sequence, the infection can be traced back to its origins and effective treatment may be developed.

The problems that continue to be present in the treatment and prevention of syphilis are the following: No conclusive and easily delivered test and few oral or easily self-administered treatments are available. As anticipated by the CDC, through more detailed research and greater levels of effort by the health agencies of given areas, syphilis is expected to cease to be a health issue. The good news is that even without these advances the rate of syphilis is on the decline.

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