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Prevention of Domestic Violence

The prevention of domestic violence research papers report that it may occur within three different formats. They may occur under the auspices of the criminal justice system and various social agencies. Prevention of domestic violence may be the result of psychological intervention provided by not only mental health care professionals but also counseling offered by various clergy. In addition to these two services, the prevention of domestic violence may also occur through education of the general public.

Prevention of Domestic Violence

One of the difficulties in the treatment of domestic violence is the cycle in which it occurs. Often after the abusing spouse has inflicted violence on his or her partner, he or she often expresses remorse and promises that the behavior will never occur again. Typically, the abuser is forgiven, but unfortunately, the promise to behave does not last long. For a long period of time, many individuals believed that what occurred within the context of the family home was of little concern to anyone outside of the home. However, this belief has changed a great deal over the years.

Most law-making individuals and people involved in the criminal justice system believe that victims are not in a position to make good decisions regarding their future with the abuser. Thus, many victims continually place themselves at risk by not supporting the police and other authorities in taking action. As a result, laws have enacted to better serve the victims of domestic violence. In many states, it is no longer necessary for the victim to sign a complaint for the offender to be arrested. This has developed out of an awareness that the victim is under great pressure by the abuser not to complain to the police. If the victim is does file a complaint then he or she may fear that they will be “punished” when the offender is released from jail.

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