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Presidential Elections Research Papers

Research Papers on presidential elections can overview or give an in-depth analysis on any presidential election you need explicated. Paper Masters specializes in political science topics that focus on the political science issues of the day.

Research reports that the Founding Fathers in America were not opposed to a popular election of the president. Their concern was rather for the smaller states that might get short shrift if the popular votes could be garnered primarily from the most populous states. They devised the Electoral College system to favor candidates "Who made broad appeals to all research paper notes.

Presidential Elections

America’s electoral system of electing a president actually consists of fifty-one separate state elections. America’s two-party system has the advantage of insuring that one candidate will receive a clear majority of support because the participating voters are usually rallied behind two or three dominant candidates.

Democracy in the United States is a long-held and established institution. The U.S. Constitution insures that government extends from the Constitution and not the reverse; thereby insuring democratic institutions and systems of government. One of these systems is the Electoral College. The U.S. Electoral College is in many research paper's opinion largely ceremonial. By that he means, even though the electors themselves cast the ballots that add to the federal vote count, “each state’s electors typically vote robotically for whoever won the presidential vote in their state, even though the U.S. Constitution does not bind electors’ votes.


  1. Under the constitution, there are 51 separate elections
  2. The candidate who assembles sufficient popular votes within those separate elections, wins all of the electoral votes from that state.
  3. In the 2000 election, Al Gore won 50,999,897 popular votes against Bush’s 50,456,002, but the electoral vote went 271 to 266 in Bush’s favor.  
  4. George Bush won the first U.S. presidential race of the twenty-first century in a way no president in the twentieth century did-he lost the popular vote but prevailed in the Electoral College.

The forefathers of American government may have tried to prevent the very thing that happened in the 2000 election. Glenn notes that virtually all the Founders wanted to encourage coalescence of a popular majority, or as close to it as possible, behind one presidential candidate. But they were aware of significant practical problems about how to do that. The Electoral College was their answer and it was a good one, but not one that can protect the American people from the debacle of 2000. On the other hand, it was not just Florida that caused the tumult in America. Elections are made in every state. Florida just happened to be the last one.

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