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Predominant Behavioral Styles

Comparing the predominant behavioral styles of Jessica, Anthony, Janice and Heather, it becomes clear that Jessica, Janice and Heather are essentially three peas in a pod. Each with the same predominant behavioral style—interactive—Jessica, Janice and Heather would more than likely get along well together. How much work would get accomplished between the three of them is another consideration. Although Jessica, Janice and Heather are extremely socially compatible, having three “enthusiasts” on a team may mean more talking and socializing and less action. Further, because interactive styles tend not to focus on the boring or mundane tasks, it is possible that important, but routine work may not get done in a timely manner.

Predominant Behavioral Styles

When the interactive style of Jessica, Janice and Heather if compared to the dominance style of Anthony, it is clear that there are notable contrasts. In business, Anthony sees the need for structure and compliance. He is not looking to make friends and socialize; rather he is looking to get the job done and get done right, the first time. As such, it seems reasonable to argue that the disorganized, social nature of the interactive individual may be annoying to Anthony, especially in a work environment. While this is not to say that Anthony would not be able to work with Jessica, Janice or Heather, it does indicate the some conflicts may arise in the way that each individual chooses to handle the specifics of an assignment.

Even though the dominance and interactive styles appear to be at opposite ends of the behavioral spectrum, there are some similarities that may make for some cohesion between these behavioral styles. For example, interactive styles enjoy a faced paced environment in which action and excitement are central. Dominance styles also prefer a faced paced environment in which they are juggling a number of activities at the same time. This cohesion on the issue of the degree of stimulation needed to make work interesting may serve as the basis for building a foundation between Anthony and Jessica, Janice and Heather.

In addition to the fact that there are some similarities between the behavioral styles, it is also clear that there are some compliments between the two styles as well. For example, dominance styles need to learn how to actively listen to others around them. Interactive styles have already mastered this technique. As such, Jessica, Janice or Heather may make a good compliment for Anthony as a leader. With the ability to balance out the negatives and positives in behavioral styles, the interactive and the dominant styles may be able to come to some agreement on the nature of work and how it is to be accomplished.

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